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Writing Consultations

The Great Untangling

I offer consultations and coaching to folks who are feeling stuck or frozen with their writing. Maybe you are neck or toe deep in a writing project and can't see your way out. Maybe you have a ton of ideas but don't know where to begin. I gently get folks out of overwhelm and back to seeing the big picture with their writing projects. Outlining changes everything. We'll braid a rope and climb out! 

Our work together depends on the project and your needs. I walk through your project with you and bring new perspective in. My experience in writing rooms and as a researcher have given me a deep appreciation for not going through the process alone, and for the power of a map. 

Offerings include: book proposal coaching, outlining, draft development, consistent accountability and support.  I work with all kinds of projects including scripts, novels and non-fiction.

Image by Nicholas Bartos
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